External Advisory Board

The External Advisory Board is a multi-stakeholder group representing business and industry, government, NGOs and academia that meets twice a year to review the Center's progress, provide guidance in planning activities for executing the Center's mission, and help identify new areas for research that is timely and relevant to the public and private sectors.


Advisory Board Chairs

Tim Wallington, Chair
Systems Analytics and Environmental Research Department
Ford Motor Company


Mark Retzloff, Vice Chair
Chairman and Founder
Alfalfa's Market


Past Advisory Board Chairs

Peter M. Wege
Chair Emeritus
President, Wege Foundation
Past Vice-Chairman of the Board, Steelcase, Inc.
NPPC Chair 1991-1994


Thomas Zosel (Deceased)
Manager of Pollution Prevention
3M Corporation
NPPC Chair 1994-1999


Scott Noesen
Director of Sustainable Development
Dow Chemical Company
CSS Co-Chair 1999-2006


Terry Cullum
Director, Auto/Steel Partnership
CSS Co-Chair 1999-2006
CSS Chair 2006-2011


Ross Good
Senior Manager, External Affairs Department
Chrysler Group LLC
CSS Vice Chair 2006-2011


David Rinard
Director, Global Environmental Performance
Steelcase, Inc.
CSS Chair 2011-2013

Advisory Board Membership




Government Agencies

Environmental Organizations Academic Representatives