Evaluation of LEED (Leadership on Energy and Environmental Design) - Using Life Cycle Assessment Year 2

Start Date: 
Dec 1, 2001
End Date: 
Dec 31, 2002
University of Michigan - Plant Department

Current Work

This project focuses on the application of the Life-Cycle-Assessment (LCA) methodology to enhance metrics and tools for assessing buildings' environmental impacts. These objectives will be accomplished by using the previously completed life cycle inventory of a classroom/office building on the University of Michigan campus (Sam Wyly Hall) to explore the environmental implications of LEED credit points. The project is organized in three phases over a three-year period.GoalsUtilize LCA methods to determine energy and solid waste impacts of certain LEED credits, and examine implications of impacts for LEED's point distribution within the following credit sections:

· Material credits

· Energy credits

Research methods

National Institute of Standards & Technology
Wege Foundation
Environmental Impact
Energy Consumption
Waste Generation
Air/Water Emissions
Resource Consumption
Rating System
Commercial Buildings
LEED Green Building Rating System