First Name Last Namesort descending Position Research Interests
Jose Alfaro Core Staff, Professor of Practice

1) the prediction of electrical grid development in third world countries and the environmental impacts associated with the grid construction and use, 2) how policy can affect the grid balance towards lower environmental impact options and higher social justice degrees, 3) complex systems, social justice of sustainability in third world countries and transfer of appropriate technologies

Maryam Arbabzadeh Research Assistant

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Sustainability

Kevin (Zicheng) Bi Research Assistant

Life Cycle Assessment, Industrial Ecology, Renewable Energy, Electric Vehicles & Fleet Electrification

Najet Bichraoui Visiting Scholar

Specialties: Industrial Ecology. Life Cycle Assessment, Material Flows Analysis. System Dynamics, Agent-Based Modeling.  Currently working on building a sustainable methodological framework using System dynamics and Agent-Based modeling for Industrial Eco-Park for the Champagne-Ardenne region. The core industry of this research is the oilseed-based product of the Picardie/Champagne region

Claire Boland Research Assistant

Life cycle analysis and how it informs sustainable material decisions, Waste streams and alternative uses, and Transportation systems

Mariel Borgman Research Assistant

I am interested in human-environment interactions as they pertain to resilient communities. Particular areas of interest include localization strategies, edible landscapes, and the dynamics of the urban/rural interface.

Jonathan Bulkley Co-Director, Emeritus

Development and application of both quantitative and qualitative means to help policy makers and decision makers attain improved planning, evaluation, and management of natural resources, especially water resources.  Specific research interests include multi-objective analysis and risk analysis application.      

Hua Cai Research Assistant

clean vehicles, sustainable system analysis, complex systems, clean energy, and environmental policy

Jill Carlson Research Assistant

Life cycle assessment, Climate mitigation and adaptation (especially in urban context), Sustainable agriculture, Land use, Food vs. Fuel

Luis Cecco Research Assistant
Rachel Chalat Research Assistant
Kiran Chawla Research Assistant

Renewable energy, Energy-water nexus in developing countries

Yiyao Chen Research Assistant
Amy Chiang Research Assistant

Interested in renewable energy implementation, such as solar or wind.

Sara Cole Research Assistant

developing environmental/sustainability education and outreach programs for varied audiences (specializing in K-12), aligning curricula with Next Generation Science Standards, and assessment and evaluation of educational programming.

Jenny Cooper Research Assistant
Josh Cousins Research Assistant
Adithya Dahagama Research Assistant

Appropriate Technologies, Energy Efficiency, Environment, Green Materials, International Development, Life Cycle Analysis, New & Renewable Energy and Sustainability

Jarett Diamond
Marie Donahue Research Assistant

climate change mitigation and adaptation (particularly in urban environments in the Great Lakes region), as well as water resource management and policy. More specifically, my research at the Center of Sustainable Systems focuses on conducting a community and municipal greenhouse gas inventory for the City of Detroit.

Erin Dreps Research Associate, Office Assistant

Her UM Master's Project worked with McHenry County Conservation District to revitalize a dormant ecological restoration-themed education program at Glacial Park in the greater Chicago area.

Leon Espira Research Assistant

Work to connect innovation with policy and capital to accelerate spread of developments through society.

Specialties:global economics, bio-tech, product development

Yu Feng Research Assistant

Using Agent-Based Model to simulate the influence of water, energy shortage and natural disaster do to international industry network. Environmental Complex Systems

Tomas Fuentes-Afflick
Mohammad (Arman) Golrokhian Research Assistant

My research is evaluating the lightweight vehicle’s environmental impact in the life cycle framework. Manufacturing lightweight vehicles is one of the main transportation policies in future, for improving fuel economy and energy consumption in vehicles. Life cycle assessment provides a more profound understanding of environmental impacts throughout all stages of a vehicle’s life from the manufacturing and use phases up to the end of life management, rather than focusing on the use phase alone.

This interdisciplinary research requires considering different technological, environmental, economic and policy related aspects of fuel economy in the realm of transportation.

Jeremy Good Research Assistant
Ashlee Grace Research Assistant

Building regional resiliency through collaborative adaptation and mitigation planning

Erica Green
Courtney Grosvenor Research Assistant

Life cycle assessment of non-GHG environmental impacts of high-volume hydraulic fracturing including water consumption and chemical loss to environment; statistical analysis of stochastic failure events in shale gas and coal life cycles.  Other interests include electricity sector regulation, renewable energy and green buildings.

Martin Heller Core Staff, Research Specialist

Life Cycle Assessment of Food and Agricultural Systems; Food System Sustainability; Sustainable Diets; Integrating Nutrition and Environmental Impact

Helaine Hunscher Core Staff, Program Coordinator
Ling Ji Visiting Scholar
Jeremiah Johnson Core Staff, Assistant Research Scientist

His research interests include measuring the impacts of grid-connected renewable energy on the power system, investigating challenges of renewable integration, and developing methods for more informed generation resource planning. Other areas of investigation include material flow analysis and forecasting material use impacts stemming from changing generation portfolios.         

Brieland Jones Office Assistant

International Development, Renewable Energy, Social Justice and Sustainability, Dynamic Modeling, Charcoal Production, Liberia         

Shamitha Keerthi Research Assistant

Biofuels and their Environmental Impacts, Water Resource Policy, Water quality and scarcity, Energy & Land-use

Francis Kemausuor Visiting Scholar

Sustainable Energy Technologies; Bioenergy; Energy Policy

Gregory Keoleian Core Staff, Director, Professor

1) the development and application of life cycle models and metrics to enhance the sustainability of products and technology, 2) pioneering new methods in life cycle design, life cycle optimization of product replacement, life cycle cost analysis and life cycle based sustainability assessments ranging from energy analysis and carbon footprints to social indicators, 3) systems including alternative vehicle technology, renewable energy systems such as photovoltaics and willow biomass electricity, buildings and infrastructure, information technology, food and agricultural systems, household appliances, and packaging alternatives.         

Kuan-Ho Lai Research Assistant
Hongqing Li Visiting Scholar

Material Flow Analysis, Environmental Risk Control, Land Resources Management         

Hongqing Li Visiting Scholar

Material Flow Analysis, Environmental Risk Control, Land Resources Management

Sai Liang Research Fellow
Tae Lim Research Assistant
Yashen Lin Research Fellow

Demand-Side Management of Energy Systems; Demand Response; Distributed Energy Storage

Kate Loshakova Research Assistant
Maite Madrazo Research Assistant

renewable energy systems, renewable energy integration to the grid, energy efficiency

Brandon Marshall Research Assistant

sustainable mobility and more specifically, how real-world driving behavior affects the environmental impacts of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles         

Sara Meerow Research Assistant

International Urban Sustainable Development. More specifically, her research focuses on modes of governance and policies to improve urban energy systems and resilience to climate change.         

Shelie Miller Core Staff, Associate Professor

Dr. Miller’s research interests center around the life cycle impacts of emerging energy systems.  Recent work focuses on the non-carbon aspects of biofuels, such as disruptions to the nitrogen cycle and changes in land use.  Interests also include advancing Life Cycle Assessment methods to analyze dynamic and emerging systems, such as hydraulic fracturing in the US and electricity grids in developing countries.

John Monnat Research Assistant
Ryan Moody Research Assistant
Aditi Moorthy Research Assistant

Life Cycle Assessment, product sustainability, green materials, renewable energy and grid integration, energy access for Base of the Pyramid.(BoP) communities

Sarah Mostafa Research Assistant
Amy Motzny Research Assistant

ecological design projects in urban environments that promote water quality and provide both a social and environmental benfit to the cities in which they are implemented.         

Max Neale Research Assistant

adaption to climate change and by encouraging investments in natural infrastructure

Meredith Neely
Josh Newell Core Staff, Assistant Professor

Dr. Newell's research can be divided into two primary areas of interest. The first, Metabolisms of Urban Infrastructure and Form, focuses on structural features of the urban form (e.g. built environment, transport, energy, and water infrastructure) that due to their durability have long-term implications for resource consumption patterns and processes within and outside of urban areas. The second research area, "Ethical" Urban Consumption and Commodities, focuses on the interrelationships between the consumption of consumer products, our responsibilities as global ‘green’ urban citizens, and the role of governance mechanisms and frameworks (including local institutions) in regulating product consumption. His research approach is often multi-scalar and integrative and, in addition to theory and method found in geography and urban planning, he draws upon principles and tools of industrial ecology (e.g. footprinting and life-cycle analysis), and spatial analysis (e.g. land use/land cover change).

Kate Newlin Office Assistant

Systems optimization, life cycle analysis, energy efficiency, waste management         

Josh Novacheck Research Assistant

Integration of Renewable Energy to the Grid, System Optimization, Energy Efficiency

Nolan Orfield Core Staff, Lecturer, Research Associate

Dr. Orfield is interested in product design and the role that life cycle modeling can play in the creation of products that serve rather than deplete the planet. His background in both entrepreneurship and academic research position him to understand not only the complex interaction between goods and the natural world, but also the design constraints required for commercialization.

Kari Paine Research Assistant

Sustainability, higher education, environmental consulting, social justice, food justice

Tricia Pontau Research Assistant

Clean Transportation Energy, Sustainable Urban Design, Renewable Energy, Biofuels, Systems Analysis

Anis Ragland Research Assistant

Renewables & Environment

Yufan Ruan Research Assistant
Daniel Ryan Research Assistant

clean energy, carbon mitigation of power plants

Kelly Serfling Research Assistant
Brett Simon Research Assistant

Renewable energy systems

Lingjun Song Visiting Scholar
Melissa Stults Research Assistant

The adaptation-mitigation nexus, building resilience towards climate change

Brittany Szczepanik Research Assistant
Emily Taylor Research Assistant

interested in how the public and private sectors can work together to accomplish our development and climate change goals

Liang Tsai Research Assistant

Renewable energy, Wind farm siting, Environmental policy, Eco-city, Corporate environmental strategies         

Shreyas Vangala Office Assistant

Energy systems efficiency, Carbon reduction strategies, Federal regulation compliance strategies for utilities, Renewable electricity, and Grid-scale storage

Puneeth Venkatarama Reddy Research Assistant

Aspiring to provide sustainable and economical solutions to global resource challenges.

Markus Walther Research Assistant

Electricity Markets and Policy

Eric Weinberg Research Assistant

Performed a Life Cycle Assessment on three building facades, two existing ones and a proposed one. Then compared the energy uses and emissions as life cycle cost for all three options.

Cory Wydysh Research Assistant

autonomous vehicles

Catie Wytychak Office Assistant

Water Resource Management

Ming Xu Core Staff, Assistant Professor

Dr. Xu develops and applies interdisciplinary system-based analytical tools to understand complex sustainability issues. This includes industrial ecology approaches (e.g., environmental input-output analysis, life cycle analysis, material flow analysis) and complex systems modeling methods (e.g., agent-based modeling, complex network analysis). Current focus of research includes "big data" mining and visualization, environmental implications of emerging bioenergy and clean vehicle technologies, and environmental impacts of international trade.

Ye Yue Research Assistant

Industrial Ecology, Life Cycle Assessment, Green Design, Sustainable Engineering Technologies, Sustainable Enterprises, Environmental Management         

Yanxia Zhang Visiting Scholar
Xiaoyue Zhao Research Assistant

Structure or the global trade network.

Yi Zhen Research Assistant